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07 December 2020
By Ben Paice By Ben Paice

Using Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery.

What does AI mean for drug discovery? This question and many others was answered by three AI experts in our latest CM Life Science webinar.

20 October 2020
By Adam Hargreaves By Eleanor Doolin By Adam Hargreaves & Eleanor Doolin

Innovations in Diagnostics: Liquid Biopsy

Consistent early detection is considered the 'holy grail' of cancer diagnosis. If you can catch cancer early enough, you can stop it developing. Liquid biopsy could be the key to unlocking that potential.

15 October 2020
By Nathan Sharpe By Nathan Sharpe

The World of COVID-19 Diagnostics.

The diagnostics space is doing crucial work to detect and limit the spread of Covid-19 all over the world – with companies both big and small contributing to the cause

12 October 2020
By Adam Hargreaves By Eleanor Doolin By Adam Hargreaves & Eleanor Doolin

Innovations in Diagnostics: Sepsis.

Rapid detection for sepsis is crucial. Every hour this disease goes untreated, the chances of mortality go up by 8%. To learn more about the disease, we spoke to the experts.

09 March 2020
By George Coe By George Coe

Our AGBT 2020 Reaction

We’ve been waiting for the $100 genome for a long time and now it’s here. Check out what our consultants had to say about this big news and other landmark announcements at AGBT 2020.

28 February 2020
By Eleanor Doolin By Eleanor Doolin

The UK's Thriving Northern Biotech Scene.

There’s so much more to the UK biotech scene than just London and Cambridge. In the North, we're surrounded by many fascinating companies who’re innovating and conducting crucial research.

13 February 2020
By Nathan Rigby By Nathan Rigby

Working Together to Beat the Coronavirus.

It's humbling to see how the life science community has come together to combat the coronavirus. Here's what's happening in diagnostics.

10 December 2019
By Adam Butler By Adam Butler

My Most Exciting Project in Biotech

Innovative and pioneering, Synthego, a provider of synthetic RNA solutions for CRISPR Genome Engineering, are looking to grow their team.

31 October 2019
By Adam Butler By Adam Butler

What Markets will Prime Gene Editing Revolutionise?

Reported to correct 89% of pathogenic human gene variants, prime gene editing has the potential to target over 75,000 different mutations in treatment. 

22 October 2019
By Lucy Smith By Lucy Smith

Is a Move to Connectivity the Next Big Step for Labs?

Our specialist in lab equipment and technology, Lucy Smith, is looking to get in touch with senior leaders in the life science space to learn more about connectivity.

08 October 2019
By George Coe By George Coe

To PhD or Not to PhD?

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen ‘PhD preferred’, while recruiting for positions in R&D and product development. In the modern life science talent market, are PhDs really so important?

23 September 2019
By Adam Butler By Adam Butler

Michael Schumacher, Stem Cell Therapy's Most High-Profile Case

Our Principal Consultant, Adam Butler, talks about the miracles of Stem Cell therapy, the issues surrounding it and the most high-profile case in the treatments' existence.

05 September 2019
By Jack Shute By Jack Shute

The Future of Specialty Chemicals.

In an industry as fast paced as the specialty chemicals sector, it's almost impossible to predict the future, but we wanted to try.

02 September 2019
By Jack Shute By Jack Shute

What's Trending in Specialty Chemicals Now?

Identifying the next big trend in a market like specialty chemicals can be gold dust for any company or individual savvy enough to see it.

19 August 2019
By Jack Shute By Jack Shute

What is the Point in Conferences?

In today's hyper-connected world, what's the point of conferences? Our Associate Director Jack Shute asked experts from across the speciality chemical space and some of his CM Life Science colleagues to find out.

05 August 2019
CM Life Science By CM Life Science

Meeting Mologic for a Lesson in Lateral Flow.

Lessons in lateral flow don't come much better than from a founding father of the technology. That's just what we got by speaking with Paul Davis, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Mologic.

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