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16 August 2022
Eleanor Doolin Nathan Sharpe By Eleanor Doolin & Nathan Sharpe

Building an Impactful Talent Strategy for Your Life Science Start-Up

Are you attracting the very best industry talent to your start-up? For expert advice on how to thrive in today’s life science talent market, watch CM Life Science's latest 30-minute webinar. Click to watch.

21 June 2022
Elisabeth Edmonds By Elisabeth Edmonds

Live Webinar: Diversity & Access for Site Management Organisations

We spoke to Margaret, Chris, Tiffany and Brad about the challenge clinical trials have in becoming more heterogeneous

30 September 2021
Lucy Smith By Lucy Smith

Live Webinar: How to Take Advantage of Data & Optimise Your Lab.

In CM Life Science's latest webinar, we discussed how data translates into the lab world, the challenges surrounding data maturity and what lab data will look like in the future. Click to watch.

23 June 2021
Adam Hargreaves Eleanor Doolin By Adam Hargreaves & Eleanor Doolin

Innovation in Diagnostics: CRISPR

There are few areas of the healthcare space that are causing as much excitement, or have as much potential, as CRISPR.

27 May 2021
Nathan Sharpe By Nathan Sharpe

Live Webinar: What's Next for Lateral Flow?

In this live webinar, we asked three experienced commercial leaders about their insights, advice and predictions on the future of this market. Click to watch.

20 May 2021
CM Industrial By CM LifeScience

Pharma Manufacturing: What's Going on in New Jersey?

In the US, New Jersey is a life science powerhouse. It’s home to some of the most influential pharma manufacturers in the world. Click to find out some of the latest developments coming from this area.

15 April 2021
Anna Heslop By Anna Heslop

Why Didn't Seaspiracy Say More About Aquaculture?

Everyone has been watching Seaspiracy, which has done a fantastic job in raising awareness. But why didn’t they speak more about aquaculture?

15 April 2021
CM Industrial By CM LifeScience

How Can Companies Attract the Best Talent in Life Science?

In this clip, I talk about how acting fast is crucial to securing the very best talent in life sciences. 

15 April 2021
CM Industrial By CM LifeScience

Who's in Demand within the Life Science Industry?

In this clip, I discuss the skills and people that are in demand within the life science industry. 

15 April 2021
Eleanor Doolin By Eleanor Doolin

How Can Small Companies Attract Talent from Larger Businesses?

In this clip, I talk about how small companies can beat the larger corporations for talent. They just need to show off what makes them different, that they're people-focused and they can be flexible.

07 December 2020
Ben Paice By Ben Paice

Using Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery.

What does AI mean for drug discovery? This question and many others was answered by three AI experts in our latest CM Life Science webinar.

20 October 2020
Adam Hargreaves Eleanor Doolin By Adam Hargreaves & Eleanor Doolin

Innovations in Diagnostics: Liquid Biopsy

Consistent early detection is considered the 'holy grail' of cancer diagnosis. If you can catch cancer early enough, you can stop it from developing. Liquid biopsy could be the key to unlocking that potential.

15 October 2020
Nathan Sharpe By Nathan Sharpe

The World of COVID-19 Diagnostics.

The diagnostics space is doing crucial work to detect and limit the spread of Covid-19 all over the world – with companies both big and small contributing to the cause

12 October 2020
Adam Hargreaves Eleanor Doolin By Adam Hargreaves & Eleanor Doolin

Innovations in Diagnostics: Sepsis.

Rapid detection for sepsis is crucial. Every hour this disease goes untreated, the chances of mortality go up by 8%. To learn more about the disease, we spoke to the experts.

09 March 2020
George Coe By George Coe

Our AGBT 2020 Reaction

We’ve been waiting for the $100 genome for a long time and now it’s here. Check out what our consultants had to say about this big news and other landmark announcements at AGBT 2020.

28 February 2020
Eleanor Doolin By Eleanor Doolin

The UK's Thriving Northern Biotech Scene.

There’s so much more to the UK biotech scene than just London and Cambridge. In the North, we're surrounded by many fascinating companies who’re innovating and conducting crucial research.