Introducing CM Life Science.

Welcome to our page, which has been created to further introduce you to CM Life Science and our specialist work in the CDMO market.

On this page, you’ll be able to browse the clients that we’ve partnered with, see successful placements we’ve made, read testimonials about our service offering, and more!

At CM Life Science our vision is “To change the way the world sees recruitment, by giving our people & customers the best possible experience.”

To achieve this, we must exceed any expectations you may have for your next search partner. And we believe we can with our diverse search offering which can support you with:

  • Volume projects
  • Contract recruitment
  • Executive search
  • Employer branding and more!

Feel free to browse the page below, and please get in touch if you have any questions about partnering with us on a search project.

P.S. If you’re at CPhI, please feel free to leave a message to organise an introductory meeting with our CDMO specialist Tatenda Musakanya.

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Introducing CM Life Science
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Recent Placements in CMDO.

We pride ourselves on our ability to source candidates in niche markets for hard-to-fill roles regardless of location.

To date, we have placed candidates in over 60 countries in both commercial and non-commercial roles.

Here's a list of recent successful placements within the CDMO market and related industries:

Biotech - Chief Business Officer - USA

Pharma - Sr Director Reg. Affairs & Compliance - USA

Biotech/Pharma - Chief Commercial Officer - USA

Pharma - General Manager, Europe - Italy €

CDMO - API Business Development Director - USA $

Pharma - Sr Director of Procurement - USA

CDMO - Director of Strategic Partnerships - UK £

Biotech - Director of Neuroscience - France €

CDMO - Director of Operations - Italy €

CDMO - Director, CNC Development- Germany €

Pharma - Head of Quality & QP - UK

CDMO - Head of Formulation & Analytical Dev. - UK

CM Life Science

A Diverse Search Offering.

We're constantly innovating to provide the best search offering for the CDMO market.

Whether you need to hire for a specialist executive position, a hard to fill role, a multi-hire project or need contractors; our agile service models can accommodate your business. Swipe to browse our offering.

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What Our Clients & Candidates Say.

During September 2020 I engaged several times with Tatenda in a recruitment project that he was leading and have been very pleased with his professional and focused approach. I have become to know Tatenda as a great person with all the skills that are necessary to be successful as recruiter. I can definitely recommend working with him and his organisation Herman Schwietert General Manager at SFI Health
I am very impressed by Tatenda┬┤s work ethics and personal attitude. He is highly analytical, however, uses the right level of empathy and applies his listening skills to get to the bottom of a person┬┤s motivations, values and intentions. He understands the needs and demands of clients, which allows him to provide top notch customer service and support. Carsten Stelling Managing Director at PARAEVEL International GmbH

A Respected Name.

We enjoy working with some of the biggest names in CDMO, from SMEs to multinational blue-chip organisations. Through tapping into very specific markets, we have access to numerous influential players in the space.


Tatenda Musakanya.

Tatenda works across drug development and the wider pharmaceutical space. In his role as a Senior Consultant, he particularly enjoys being able to take an objective view of the wider CDMO market, identifying trends and providing insight to clients and candidates.


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