At CM LIfe Science, we're delighted to be working with one of the most exciting companies in the life science space, RedShiftBio. 

It's no coincidence that they're growing, fast. And we've created this page to show you exactly what they have to offer and why we think they're such an exciting proposition for a candidate like you. 

To get started, our Associate Director Adam Butler asked RedShiftBio's CEO, Julien Bradley, why he thought it was such an exciting time to be joining the business. 

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  • $50M+ raised
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Reasons to join


RedShiftBio is a venture-backed innovative biotechnology startup company, developing analytical instrumentation for life science research with a primary focus on the biopharmaceutical industry. With strategic backing from two of the world’s largest life science instrumentation companies, including Waters, we have raised over $50 million in capital up to our most recent round D funding cycle, which closed in December 2019.

Next Generation Infrared Technology

Redefining Protein Characterization.

RedShiftBio provides a next-generation infrared technology with advanced data analytics to facilitate better, faster decision making in biopharmaceutical development from discovery to market via the direct measurement of previously undetectable change in protein structural attributes critical to drug product efficacy and quality.

In the words of CEO Julien Bradley, what they bring to the industry is a measurement "that simply is not possible today". And with some of the biggest names in pharamceutical and life science now adopting their AQS3pro technology, an entrie industry is beginning to sit up and notice RedShiftBio. 

What our people think.

We see what we have right now as a core technology powering a very large future expansion. Julien Bradley CEO
For me, this is the culmination of all my background and experiences, with everything available on the table when it comes to opportunities. It’s a cliché, but I’m living the dream right now. Holly Lombardo Documentation Manager
A lot of companies say you’re working with a team, but this truly is a team. And when we bring on new people, then it’s their turn to join the club! John Linnan North America Sales Manager
If you’re looking for an intellectual and stimulating challenge and you’re looking to work with a team that is willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with you to solve problems, you should join us. Nigel Danielson-Ewing Director of Product Management
I truly do enjoy getting up and coming into work, and the main thing I enjoy is the camaraderie. Everyone coming together, sharing ideas and sharing knowledge is fantastic. Peter Guyette Service Engineering Manager
I have a say in meetings and where the next level will go and I think that’s really exciting. It’s not something that I expected, but something that I love! Valerie Ivancic Senior Application Scientist
CM LS meets:

CM LS meets RedShiftBio.

Our Associate Director Adam Butler spoke to RedShiftBio CEO Julien Bradley about the challenges they're facing when trying to introduce a novel technology to the market, and the ways in which they're working to overcome them. 

Searching Together

Life at RedShiftBio.

We believe that people work for people, not businesses. So, it's really important that we show you the type of people who work for RedShiftBio and let them tell you what it's like to work there. 

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