06 August 2019

Minicare: Big Mistake Opens Door For Siemens

CM Life Science By CM Life Science

Last week I posted about Siemens Healthineers’ acquisition of Minicare and it received an incredible reaction.

It’s not surprising really. This deal has it all: a market leader, an exciting product and plenty of controversy.

So, what does it all mean?

First off, I should point out that the Minicare I-20 could be a market leading product with its handheld point-of-care (PoC) system able to exclude or confirm the presence of suspected heart attacks. It’s a product that has so much potential, when in the right hands.

Although Siemens Healthineers’ already has quite a strong PoC system, ’epoc’, this will be a welcome addition and make the company a real force in the PoC space.

Siemens Healthineers’ backing of this technology does not spell good news for competitors like Abbott (iStat) and Quidel (Triage), who now must invest and innovate to remain competitive in the market.

Philips Healthcare won’t be enthused by the news either. Having invested a decade’s worth of research on Minicare’s technology, originally under the name of Magnotech, before parting ways last year because of ‘inadequate business opportunities.’ This lack of faith could prove to be a huge mistake.

Over the last year, Minicare claims to have improved its device even more, reaching a new level of sensitivity and accuracy. If this is true, the device will be able to produce similar levels of performance to heavy-weight hospital equipment with the advantage of being handheld and mobile.

With a new home, the Minicare I-20 will cement its place as the market leader. As always, this extra competition will encourage innovation among competitors. This means that we can look forward to the emergence of exciting new products and improved healthcare in the future.

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