Why Didn't Seaspiracy Say More About Aquaculture?

Anna Heslop By Anna Heslop

Everyone has been watching Seaspiracy, which has done a fantastic job in raising awareness about an important issue – the environmental impact of commercial fishing.

While this is great, I was left quite puzzled with the documentary.

Why didn’t they speak more about aquaculture? Did they run out of time? Maybe they did… After all, the documentary did try and squeeze a very complex, global issue into a quick 1 ½ hour film.

Anyway, as specialist recruiter within the animal health & nutrition space who speaks to aquaculture leaders every day, I know how much positive work is being done to make seafood more environmentally-friendly and sustainable. And wanted to make sure this doesn’t go unnoticed just because it didn’t make the cut in Seaspiracy.

Aquaculture is embracing lots of new technologies. We’re using AI in fish farming, insect proteins and larvae feeds to create more sustainable feeds and making impressive advances in cell cultured seafood too.

I speak about all of this impressive work in my latest article: Did Seaspiracy Get it Wrong?

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