16 March 2021
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4 Companies Taking Toxicology to New Heights.

Toxicology is such an exciting space to be working in right now, with the market continuing innovate.

It’s growing too. By 2025, the in vitro toxicology testing market is expected to reach a valuation of $14.9 billion – thanks to recent technological advancements, increased efforts in R&D and the space’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Toxically is crucial. It helps us understand the harmful effects of chemicals and substances on people, animals and the environment. Regulatory agencies and organisations can then put programs and policies in place to restrict exposures to these substances.

Working as a specialist recruiter within the laboratory services industry, I get to see first-hand the exciting developments that are taking place in this sector. Within this article, I wanted to share just some of the exciting companies that I’ve seen help take toxicology to new heights.

HNL Lab Medicine

With headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvania, HNL Lab Medicine is a leading, full-service medical laboratory that provide testing and related services to physician offices, hospitals, long-term care facilities, employers and industrial accounts.

HNL Lab Medicine generate more than 60 million clinical and anatomic pathology results for approximately three million patients and 12,000 healthcare providers each year. The company has more than 60 locations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey ensuring the best possible access to HNL’s services.

HNL’s toxicology services include drug and alcohol testing utilizes urine, blood and oral fluid to analytically determine the presence or absence of drugs and their metabolites.

The company recently earned the prestigious Certificate of Laboratory Accreditation in Forensic Toxicology from the American Board of Forensic Toxicology (ABFT) – which less than 40 labs in North America have received.

HNL Lab Medicine shows no signs of slowing down, having supported its growth with the acquisition of NLM Laboratories back in 2020 to expand its offering. Two new patient centres were opened too, reflecting the company’s ambitions to offer its much-needed services to as many people or organisations as possible.

Genesis Diagnostics

Another company based in Pennsylvania, US, is Genesis Diagnostics - a national diagnostic testing lab with concentrations in clinical diagnostics, pathology, toxicology, genetic sequencing and molecular testing.

Genesis Diagnostics utilises state-of-the-art technologies to deliver high quality test results and services with exceptional turnaround times. This speed helps the company analyse samples for hundreds of thousands of patients around the US every year.

Genesis Diagnostics ensures a high level of customer care and support. Opting to embrace digitalisation within the market, the company rely on a paperless system that is quick and user-friendly, allowing clients to access reports faster than usual.

Molecular Testing Labs

Staying in the US, Molecular Testing Labs offer toxicology testing by using the most current and highest quality instrumentation for screening and confirmation.

The company’s mission is to provide accessible and innovative laboratory solutions through collaborative partnerships with payors, private healthcare institutions, universities and public health organizations. Molecular Testing Labs is also HIPAA compliant. Its committed to ensuring patient confidentiality and being 100% compliant with patient care.

The addition of normalized and historical reporting has been a valuable innovation for Molecular Testing Labs. This allows the physician to see their patient’s testing values as a perfectly concentrated sample and their history without the need to refer to previous reports.

This development improves treatment efficiency, as well as any likelihood to over-look important details with treatment history. It offers flexibility for clients, with reports are delivered via the clinic’s preference – mailing, E-fax, EMR interface, or our proprietary, HIPAA compliant online portal.


But it’s not all about US, as a global recruiter, I’m also aware of a lot of exciting companies and technologies in Europe.

For example, Synlab, is a laboratory, diagnostic and advisory service for a diverse range of sectors (including healthcare, wellness, veterinary, food, family law, transport and more). The company carry out over 25 million tests every year and employ more than 1,300 people across the UK and Ireland.

Recently, Synlab completed an acquisition of Synergy Health Laboratory Services. This move extends the company’s testing services throughout the UK, as well as complementing the range of specialist testing across Europe.

Synlab has also obtained UKAS accreditation, displaying the company’s high standards in the testing space. The accreditation demonstrates the competency of a laboratory in testing to ensure reliability of the analysis results and delivers confidence in the service of the testing laboratory.

Another exciting development from the company is the recently announced pathology partnership with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The partnership will see Synlab provide trusted pathology services not only to the two trusts, but also to other hospitals, GP practices, community services, clinics and healthcare organisations.

In Summary

The toxicology market is one that continues to grow and develop. These four companies are playing a major role in this, but I’m aware that there are so many more exciting companies also contributing to the space.

I’m excited to what the future holds with further innovations likely make important improvements to testing time and accuracy, customer care, reliability and much more.

For more content like this and information about our recruitment services, visit my consultant page.

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