"I travelled across Asia for four months to prove that I could run this company from my laptop."

Tatenda Musakanya By Tatenda Musakanya

I'm Tatenda and I'm a business consultant that specialises in recruitment for the CDMO & pharmaceutical space.

In my line of work you come across new companies everyday, however, few are as forward-thinking and unique as Norman Health. That's why I decided to invite this company's founder and Managing Director, Jan-Wilem Eleveld, onto the CM Conversations podcast as a guest speaker to share the Norman Health story.

What’s interesting about Norman Health is their set-up. Everything is done from Jan’s laptop. 

Despite this, the company still have all your traditional back-office functions like marketing, finance and so on. But they’re carried out by multiple contractors, meaning Jan is the only official Norman Health member of staff.

I caught up with him to ask: what inspired him to give up his C-level status and start at fresh? What the difficulties are there in running a company single-handed? And how has his business model coped amid a global pandemic?

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