Innovations in Diagnostics: Sepsis.

Adam Hargreaves Eleanor Doolin By Adam Hargreaves & Eleanor Doolin

Globally, 49 million people suffer from sepsis each year. This leads to 11 millions deaths, which equates to 20% of deaths around the world.

Rapid detection for sepsis is crucial. Every hour this disease goes untreated, the chances of mortality go up by 8%.

To learn more about the disease, the difficulties of diagnosis and the importance of rapid detection; we sat down with Stefan Willemsen, former President and CEO of the US subsidiary of bioMerieux and board member of Sepsis Alliance.

We also spoke to Jonathon Romanowsky, co-founder of Inflammatix - who are one of the most innovative start-ups working within sepsis right now, applying bioinformatics and machine learning to their test.

Our latest video on liquid biopsy, featuring Business Development Consultant in Oncology and Liquid Biopsy, Dale Yuzuki, is also available to watch now.

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