Advancing Diagnostics with Superior Consistency.

Nathan Sharpe By Nathan Sharpe

In this season opener, we sit down with Krista Ewing, Senior Global Product Manager at Porex Corporation. As a renowned global leader in advanced porous solutions across various industries, including medical devices and writing instruments, it provides high-value solutions for product design challenges related to absorption, diffusion, filtration, and more.

Nathan chats with Krista about the journey behind the development of TruFlow, the infamous lateral flow product that emerged in response to the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversation highlights the critical issues of inconsistency in glass fibre materials used for these tests, exacerbated by the soaring demand for COVID-19 diagnostics. Truflow was conceived as a solution to these challenges, aiming to provide more dependable and uniform materials for lateral flow tests, ultimately enhancing the accuracy and reliability of these crucial diagnostics.

Press play to learn about the journey and significance of TruFlow in revolutionising lateral flow testing and the impressive teamwork driving its success.

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