Changing Regulations to Animal Welfare with Respeggt.

Indre Semeskeviciute By Indre Semeskeviciute

In this episode, Indre speaks with Carmen Uphoff, COO of Respeggt, a Dutch-German company aiming to bring positive change to the poultry industry by eliminating chick culling.

During the conversation, Carmen delves into the technology that allows for gender identification in the hatching egg; preventing the culling of undesired male chicks, a practice that results in the death of about 6 billion chicks worldwide each year.

They also touch on the regulatory landscape, noting how Germany and France have already put legislation in place to prevent chick culling, while others are waiting for EU-wide regulations to change, the future of the poultry sector, including the challenges posed by bird flu and the economic crisis. As well as Carmen's insight into a trend leaning towards smaller, more manageable poultry farms as a risk management strategy.

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