Lessons from Leaders in Life Science: Insights for Entrepreneurial Success.

Jack Maclean By Jack Maclean

In this episode, Jack speaks with Jacob Glanville and Stephanie Wisner, Co-Founders at Centivax.

With a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to post-pathogen humanity, its first broad-spectrum vaccine is currently in pre-clinical development in ferrets and pigs for the prevention of all influenza, awarded the 'Gates Foundation Grand Challenge: End the Pandemic Threat' and featured in hit global Netflix docuseries 'Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak'.

This discussion covers a range of topics from the perspective of true entrepreneurs. Including an impressive career history, acquisition story and the insight behind Stephanie's latest foray into writing as the author of 'Building Backwards to BioTech' - an industry-defining project.

Sharing stories from inside life as successful co-founders, as well as the journey to acquisition and challenges and learnings along the way. If you're interested in becoming a brilliant biotech entrepreneur or learning about how to become acquired as one, this is the episode for you.

To discuss talent solutions, or to tell your own leadership story, reach out to Jack on LinkedIn, or at jack.maclean@charltonmorris.com.

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