Lessons from Leaders in Life Science: Talking Talent Strategy.

Jack Maclean By Jack Maclean

In this episode, Jack speaks with Synda Clements, Director of Talent Acquisition at ConcertAI. This was a great discussion about Talent Strategy and its importance, using data to inform hiring decisions and key learnings and challenges from her years in the industry.

From learning on the job in recruitment to finding her niche in Life Science, Synda has a brilliant and insightful story to tell with plenty of tips for those looking to climb the ladder in talent acquisition. Touching on key topics such as overcoming hiring shortages during economic challenges, how to use marketing in a HR role, and how to forge a path towards a leadership position to meet your goals. As well as plenty of insight into working in the world of AI.

If you're interested in talent, leadership stories, or general insights into the world of biotech, then be sure to have a listen.

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