15 May 2023
Annabelle Fuller By Annabelle Fuller

A Changing Pharmaceutical Climate for Patient-Led Care.

Amongst the huge successes of the pharmaceutical industry, patients have often historically appeared as an afterthought when it comes to the guiding foundations of pharmaceutical development. Whilst treatment of medical conditions sits at the hub of pharmaceutical care, the focus on cost, supply channels, bulk productions and efficacy of pharmaceutical output often leaves little room for patient feedback or experience.

Using a patient-centred approach in pharmaceutical development allows for better treatment adherence, diagnosis and treatment, better overall health outcomes and patient commitment to treatment. Better utilisation of services, better access to care, increased understanding of disease symptoms and care as well as improved patient safety and mental wellbeing are also supported with a pharmaceutical approach that champions patient experience.

In a changing climate, smaller companies are finding ways to place greater focus on patient care as their USP, from communicative technologies to patient-led care. These collectives are seeing greater successes because of this understanding of future trajectories. What can we learn from their innovative efforts?

Pharmaceutical Companies Centering Patient Care.

Yaral Pharma

Yaral Pharma Inc, a subsidiary of IBSA, is a global pharmaceutical company focused on innovative solutions with patient care as their focus. Their pharmaceutical solutions are affordable authorised generics and complex generic medicines that enhance healthcare outcomes with a committed focus on patient access.

Their prescription, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medicated patch has been developed specifically to treat acute pain from minor strains to contusions. Releasing Diclofenac Epolamine 1.3% topically for targeted pain relief at an affordable price is placing Yaral Pharma at the heart of innovative solutions for pharmaceutical care for patient comfort. Pain relief is noted within 4 hours of the first application, with sustained pain reduction for 7 days with a twice-a-day application.

Evofem Biosciences

Focusing on innovative pharmaceutical solutions for women, Evofem Biosciences offers Phexxi® vaginal gel, combining lactic acid, citric acid and potassium bitartrate in a first-in-class hormone-free, on-demand prescription contraception that a woman can control, offering autonomy and contraceptive safety to suit individual needs, without concerns of side effects or hormonal struggles.

Phexxi keeps the vaginal pH in the baseline range of 3.5 to 4.5, lowering sperm mobility within the body and lowering the chance of sperm reaching the egg. Evofem Biosciences are meeting patient demand for freedom and flexibility in contraceptive care.

Phathom Pharmaceuticals

Changing the landscape of pharmaceutical treatments for patients with acid-related disorders, Phantom Pharmaceuticals hold exclusive rights in the United States, Europe, and Canada for an investigational potassium-competitive acid blocker for the treatment of a range of various GI disorders.

With various clinical trials and pipelines underway and innovative funding collaborations, Phantom Pharmaceuticals are poised to make the most of a changing shift in diagnostic care led by patient needs and a future offering of more efficient and accessible treatment for GI disorders.

A Pharmaceutical Future Championing Patient Care.

In a rapidly changing pharmaceutical landscape, companies will need to take a more collaborative approach to treatment solutions and patient care with individual needs over cost or production logistics at its foundation. Onboarding new technologies and connecting with communities across the pharmaceutical space for funding support and patient feedback to continue innovative development.

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