12 April 2023
Ryan Hamblett By Ryan Hamblett

Can These Tech Advancements Revolutionise Veterinary Care?

Veterinary technology advancements are in more demand than ever with almost 70% of American households owning a companion animal. With an increasing demand for adaptable and reliable pet care post-pandemic and a growing proportion of younger pet owners, veterinary technology has been central in veterinary organisations developing an effective response.  

Issues such as veterinary burnout, due to high stress and demand in relation to this growth, are appeased by introducing technologies to streamline veterinary practices - reducing administrative tasks and improving patient care. In the context of veterinary burnout and technology, the ‘spectrum of contact’, from minimal contact to deep engagement, can significantly impact the level of stress and workload on veterinary professionals.

Additionally, introduction of these technologies can improve communication and education between vets and clients, leading to better patient outcomes and satisfaction. Progression in the veterinary technology space can broadly be broken down into three main areas of innovation; each offering exciting new avenues for those looking to expand their pet care solutions and serve a broader customer base.

Tech-Enabled Veterinary Clinics.

The Next Big Thing In VetTech?

In this innovative new wave of development, the appearance of tech-enabled veterinary clinics has changed the way we view veterinary technology. From mobile practice apps and online appointment booking to AI support and online diagnostic support, vet clinics bracing for greater things ahead are finding creative ways to integrate veterinary technology into their existing clinics. As more funding and collaborative support become available for tech integration, we can expect more clinics to follow the lead of these veterinary pioneers.  

Modern Animal

With numerous clinics across Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area, and clinics soon to open in Dallas and Austin, Modern Animal clinics are growing from strength to strength. Modern Animal’s yearly subscription model offers 24/7 animal care virtually via video chat or call.

Support for the Modern Animal template is clear as they’ve successfully secured $75.5 million in raised capital mid-pandemic, and their focus on person-centred care seems set for continued success.

Bond Vet

Having seen great success to date with clinics across the East Coast and rave reviews from customers and industry leads alike. The success of Bond Vet can in no small part be attributed to their owner-focused flexible care and commitment to adaptive veterinary technology solutions. 

Whichever clinic owners sign with, Bond Vet allows diagnostic support via telehealth appointments and easy appointment booking online for both primary and urgent care, alongside 24/7 prescription mailing. Flexibility and 'tech integrated veterinary care' works is at the heart of Bond Vet solutions.  

VetTech Support Platforms.

Creative vet tech advancements have also seen a development of existing veterinary technology solutions and a shift in how physical practices support owners and manage workflows. VetTech support platforms are offering sophisticated automated workflows and collaborative processing for clinicians and veterinary administrators, supporting efficient and adaptive veterinary care.


Offering 24/7 online booking, a full appointment calendar and work schedule, and a sophisticated business profile, HiPets is a one-stop practice management platform for veterinary practices.  

A supporting app makes navigation simpler than ever for administrators and veterinarians, whilst handing over agency and flexible pet care management to clients. As HiPets prepares to expand into the Polish market, their offer of veterinary technology within the European market is set to revolutionise clinical offers across their practices.  


Having recently won £11 million Series A funding, Digitail has developed an impressive all-in-one cloud platform allowing centralised practice management, trusted by over 400 practices. Their impressive veterinary technology solution offers health record storage and templating, online appointments, client app, and chat and telemedicine in a user-friendly interface.  

Invoicing, stock management, and advanced reporting are also at your fingertips. With numerous integrations, 24/7 clinic support and cloud-based backup, veterinary clinics can feel confident in making the move to a more tech-integrated practice.  

Telehealth and Telemedicine.

Veterinary technology advancements within the telehealth and telemedicine space have led to a continued shift in how owners access veterinary care and an alternative to physical practices. Telehealth options allow more reflexive and immediate care for clients and patients, whilst making administrative practices more efficient and freeing up time for clinical teams.  


With a low-cost monthly subscription service for clients, Dutch offer online vet care and prescriptions with optimum flexibility. With unlimited follow-ups and virtual support for up to 5 pets in one membership, Dutch truly recognises the changing needs of pet owners and the power of veterinary technology in providing adaptive and flexible pet care.  

When it comes to securing medication, an easy storefront interface for prescriptions and a price-match guarantee for any non-prescription items required from other providers make receiving care as easy as possible and secure Dutch’s position as a future-facing veterinary telehealth provider.  


With an easy-to-navigate visual in-app interface to navigate pet diagnostic concerns with ease, this 24/7 virtual vet care app offers unlimited voice calls with veterinary professionals with no time limits, and no appointments necessary. From skin issues to weight loss, allergies, separation anxiety and even second opinions, AirVet has helped over 200,000 clients and saved over $10m in veterinary fees. For pet owners and veterinary technology leaders alike; AirVet are one to watch. 

Is VetTech Essential To Future Pet Care?

With continued advancements in the veterinary technology space and growing demand from clients for a more flexible and streamlined approach, it’s clear that vet tech is here to stay, quickly becoming an essential integration to modern-day veterinary clinics. Keeping ahead of industry trends ensures a thriving practice; for clinicians and pets alike.

By investing in technology, the veterinary industry can help combat burnout and improve the well-being of veterinary professionals, ultimately benefiting both the veterinarian and their patients.

Are you interested in discussing any of the companies, or technologies, included in this article in some more detail? I'd love to chat! Drop me a message at Ryan.Hamblett@lifesci-cm.com or connect with me on LinkedIn to chat.

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