Dx Digest: Democratising Diagnostics for Improved Global Healthcare.

Nathan Sharpe By Nathan Sharpe

In this episode, we begin our 3-part series with the exciting POC diagnostics start-up, ProtonDx.

ProtonDx is founded on a decade of research and development at Imperial College London. Its vision is to develop ultra‑rapid, extremely precise, molecular testing for everyone at the point‑of‑need. In 2022, the business received a CE mark for its cutting-edge Dragonfly product. Now the ProtonDx team are looking to commercialise this essential testing kit.

Our conversations started with the co-founder and CEO, Professor Pantelis Georgiou. Pantelis holds the position of Professor of Biomedical Electronics at Imperial College London. He heads the Bio‑inspired Metabolic and Infection Technology Laboratory in the Centre for Bio‑Inspired Technology; a multi‑disciplinary group that invents, develops and demonstrates advanced micro‑devices to meet global challenges in biomedical science and healthcare. His research includes applications of lab‑on‑chip technology for genomics and diagnostics targeted towards infectious disease and cancer.

In this episode, CM Life Science Business Manager, Nathan Sharpe, asks Pantelis about the mission that ProtonDx is on: getting molecular testing to the point-of-need. If you are interested in learning more about this ambitious start-up, then be sure to have a listen.

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