Dx Digest: What's Next for This Trusted IVD Manufacturer?

Nathan Sharpe By Nathan Sharpe

In this episode of Diagnostics Digest, CM Life Science Business Manager Nathan Sharpe speaks with Kevin Fallon, CEO & Co-Founder of FlexMedical Solutions.

Since 2016 FlexMedical has been on an exciting journey, jumping from strength to strength. From significant headcount growth to major investment in both equipment and facilities, the business has become one of the most trusted IVD manufacturers in the world in its short lifespan. Now, they're ready to make the next big move.

Our team went to visit FlexMedical at their Scottish HQ, where Nathan caught up with Kevin to discuss the company's exciting plans as one of the world's go-to IVD manufacturers. Find out behind the scenes from the journey to the top, the impact of significant growth, and loads more in this fascinating chat.

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