Breaking Down Corporate Development.

Adam Hargreaves By Adam Hargreaves

Corporate development refers to the planning and execution of strategies to meet organisational objectives. The process includes management of team recruitment, phasing in or out of markets or products, arranging strategic alliances, identifying, and acquiring companies (M&A), securing corporate financing, divesting of assets or divisions, and management of intellectual property.

In this live webinar, I welcomed two esteemed guests with over 20 years combined experience in corporate development to break down strategies and processes and discuss their insights.

Antonio Sanchez-Cordero, a global executive with more than 15 years experience across the healthcare industry and VP of Corporate Development in speciality diagnostics at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Nick Talbot, is an experienced business development strategy lead and Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy at BD.

We covered a range of strategies to identify companies and market opportunities, including importance, alignment, consistency, vision and roadmap, criteria, working with stakeholders and corporate strategy in M&A – which can easily be overlooked.

Alongside this, Nick and Antonio covered the structure to build and execute a successful deal, how to successfully integrate a company into a larger organisation during the execution phase, and share their insight in a live audience Q&A at the end of the session too.

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