How Has AI Revolutionised Diagnostics?

Aidan Weaver By Aidan Weaver

In this episode we speak with Erez Naaman, Co-Founder & CTO at Scopio Labs.

Prior to Scopio Labs, Erez was VP of Engineering & Business Development at OrCam, a leading Israeli high-tech start-up. He brings much of his insight from this experience to this discussion, as well as insight into the development of his current business, trends in AI and how he believes this affects the future of healthcare.

Scopio Labs uses full-field digital cell morphology to automate the analysis of tens of thousands of cells at a time – far more than any human can quantify, bringing dramatically earlier detection and diagnosis of cancers, infections, and other diseases. This technology expedites patients’ access to better care and life-saving treatments, with a key focus on digitizing microscopy and bringing it to the modern age. By providing access to rapid diagnostic tools for the first time. This system includes uniquely built-in computational power to enable AI at the user's fingertips - saving time, enabling collaboration, improving data safety and reducing the need for expensive hardware.

If you're interested in hearing more about Erez and his company or are fascinated by what AI brings to the future of the space, then be sure to have a listen.

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