28 November 2022
Owen Chandler By Owen Chandler

Is This the Future of Proactive Pet Care?

We’re entering into a space of incredible advancements in the pet care industry, but often overlooked is the astounding rate of progress in the wearable veterinary diagnostics sector. The demand for change during and after the pandemic has seen many companies look towards products offering greater efficiency in diagnosis and condition management, alongside pet care that allows for more individualised and remote care.

Wearable veterinary diagnostics present themselves as an ideal next step for those looking to advance these ideals, and a review of some of the most innovative pet care companies working today shows a promising and exciting future ahead for wearable veterinary diagnostics.

Innovators in Wearable Veterinary Diagnostics.

Alpha Vet Tech

Working to transform the animal health industry with intuitive wearable veterinary diagnostics, Alpha Vet Tech (AVT) offers innovative monitoring and data-driven diagnostic and care solutions for veterinary professionals. AVT’s WirelessZoo™ is their flagship product, combining wearable veterinary diagnostic products, cloud technologies, and comprehensive data analysis to allow continuous patient monitoring, smart analytics and prompt care recommendations.

WirelessZoo™ combines ZooSense - a sensor device worn by an animal patient at the base of the tail or hind limb - with a cloud-based portal to collect, store, and interpret data. Within the diagnostic portal, veterinarians can review patient data with ease, setting patient-specific parameter alerts when needed.

The responsive and web-based portal allows the vet to review patient data at a glance with the capability to set patient-specific parameter alerts to assist with ongoing monitoring, allowing staff to multitask with ease, confident that patients are being effectively monitored. Early testing of WirelessZoo™ shows improved diagnosis and treatment of Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease, and it seems the future is promising for wider use of AVT’s solution across various disease management.


At Perro, physical and mental wellbeing is at the heart of their wearable veterinary diagnostic solutions for dogs. Working alongside a cloud-based platform for data analysis and owner alerts, the Perro wearable device is waterproof and durable, attaching easily to your dog’s collar or harness. Using machine learning algorithms within holistic wearable tech, Perro can track personalised daily goals alongside, offer real-time GPS location tracking, and a broad range of daily health metrics and safety alerts based on age, breed, and health condition.

Understanding the important relationship between dog and owner, Perro also offers personalised wellbeing plans that can be adapted to fit in with owner schedules and capabilities, and mindfulness techniques that can be shared between you and your canine pal. Strengthening this connection not only ensures better stress - and anxiety management, but a stronger bond to improve training outcomes.

Mella Pet

Mella Pet Care’s pet-friendly thermometer for clinic and home use makes assessing the basics of pet health easier than ever. With simple placement under the foreleg, Mella measures your pet’s body temperature, automatically recording in the corresponding Mella app via Bluetooth, which can then be sent directly to your veterinarian for prompt analysis.

Alongside immediate temperature recording which can mitigate costly unnecessary vet trips or give a fuller view of symptoms on an initial vet visit, the Mella app also allows prolonged temperature monitoring with seamless integration to keep an eye on your pet’s health patterns. Mella’s entry into wearable veterinary diagnostics makes essential pet care management simple and gives more care choices to owners in the first instance of pet illness.

Exciting Horizons.

Whilst often underrepresented in the wider industry, it’s clear that the wearable veterinary diagnostics space is making some of the most innovative strides in the pet care industry. From specific condition care management to general health and wellbeing, there are more options than ever to put owners in control of pet welfare, optimise access to animal patient symptoms, and ensure the most efficient and flexible diagnosis and care. The industry certainly has some exciting horizons ahead - watch this space.

Are you interested in discussing the future of veterinary diagnostics in some more detail, or do you have any thoughts on any of the companies or technologies featured in this article? I'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a message at Owen.Chandler@lifesci-cm.com or connect with me on LinkedIn to chat.

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Owen Chandler

Owen Chandler is a Business Consultant in the Veterinary and Animal Diagnostics market. Owen has a keen interest in the technology and trends driving animal diagnostics with a particular focus on the rapidly expanding Point of Care industry.


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