16 November 2022
Adam Hargreaves Eleanor Doolin By Adam Hargreaves & Eleanor Doolin

How Can Recruiters Make the Most of Conferences?


Finding Value In Recruiter Conferences.

In the recruitment field, there are plenty of conferences available for every sector of the industry. For recruiters in the early stages of their career, the scale of these conferences can feel overwhelming; whilst established recruiters can also feel fatigued at the conference circuit and need to feel re-energised to feel the full value of a successful recruiter conference. From high-impact keynote speakers to a different perspective of the industry and a chance to connect with colleagues from across the globe, conferences can be of great value to recruiters old and new.

Finding the conferences worth attending and of most value to your individual interests can feel like a challenge; but developing the right approach and knowing what to look out for can open plenty of doors. Let’s explore the highest value benefits of conference attendance for recruiters to see how they could best benefit your recruiter journey.

The Benefits of Conferences For Recruiters.

Developing Relationships.

With so many of us working remotely or settled into our own niche markets, it can be easy to feel isolated in our work - even if we speak often with clients and teammates.

The importance of meeting clients and colleagues face to face cannot be understated, in terms of strengthening business links and also appreciating the human aspect behind everything we do. The heart of recruitment lies in understanding individual human needs and talents; and the recruiter conference is the perfect place to get a true feel for this - both in terms of existing relationships, and the chance to develop new ones.

Building Awareness Of Our Impact.

Alongside colleague and client relationships, recruiter conferences also give us a perhaps rare opportunity to truly see what our work does firsthand: hearing the success stories of what nuanced, empathetic recruitment can help create at an endpoint for patients.

Developing awareness of the end results is one of the bigger value points of recruiter conferences, as well as seeing product developments and hearing company missions in person. Direct contact with those leading new changes can be inspiring in a way we miss out on when working remotely or across countries, helping us see the impact our recruitment work and the industry’s work as a whole has in full breadth.

Nurture New Ideas.

Having so many impassioned industry players in one place is one of the more exclusive appeals of a recruiter conference. With that level of knowledge, innovation, and interest to learn and collaborate available over the course of a conference, there is ample opportunity to nurture new ideas, develop new avenues for recruitment, and ensure existing projects are thriving at their optimum.

Discover New Places.

With so many global participants in the recruitment sector, it’s likely you’ll have ample opportunity to travel whilst attending conferences. Travelling to new countries is not only fun and revitalising, but can also help us develop a new perspective on our working habits, and approach our projects in a fresh way - perhaps with global expertise!

Take A Breather!

Often forgotten but just as important as the other values I’ve touched on above - recruiter conferences are a perfect space to take a breather from hard work, let your hair down, and have some fun!

We all know it can be all too easy to end up working late, starting early, and getting consumed in your latest work project. But making time to relax and have fun is vital for good wellbeing, managing stress levels, and helping you maintain a positive and proactive attitude towards work.

Getting Conference Ready.

From developing colleague and client relationships to joining with international expertise and inspiration, seeing the latest new developments, and nurturing your next big project, recruiter conferences have a wealth of benefits for attendees. In-person conferences should be a regular event in any recruiter’s calendar, so what are you booking up next?

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Adam Hargreaves

Adam Hargreaves is Principal Consultant specialising within commercial IVD, covering a global market. Adam is a specialist at building teams and making sure new hires culturally align to company goals. Fascinated by his market, Adam is always keen to talk with experts and leading executives on the subjects that matter most to you. 

Eleanor Doolin

Eleanor Doolin works as an Associate Director working broadly within IVD but has previously spent time focusing specifically in clinical chemistry and oncology, plus advances in non-invasive diagnostic testing. She is always looking to connect with innovative individuals and organisations working in this area.


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