09 September 2022
Ameer Khan By Ameer Khan

Innovative Drug Delivery Systems Taking the Market By Storm.

The Drug Delivery Space in Transformation.

The drug delivery space has transformed over the last few decades, and most companies working within this sector are striving to maintain a competitive edge with safer and easier-to-use product ranges.

From vaccine development to life-saving therapeutics and vision-correcting drugs, new technologies are being fully exploited across the market to deliver life-changing advancements in drug delivery. Now more than ever, it’s important to explore these developments and how the market leaders are navigating this incredible state of growth.

Today’s Leading Drug Delivery Systems.

Needle-Free Delivery & Autoinjectors.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing demand for vaccines, innovative and more accessible routes for vaccine and medication delivery have become a particular talking point in the industry in recent years. Needle-free delivery and auto injection are being championed by a number of market leaders, and the future for needle-free drug delivery looks promising.

Portal Instruments, based in Massachusetts, USA, are developing a needle-free drug delivery system. Their aim is to develop a product that can administer medication via a narrow stream, approximately the size of a strand of hair, offering pain-free delivery in under a second. Alongside greater patient comfort and confidence, they envisage better adherence, digital tracking, and customisable disease management to also benefit.

Meanwhile, Crossject is developing ZENEO, a needle-free, prefilled and single-use autoinjector. They have eight solutions in advanced stages of development, including seven solutions particularly developed for emergency administration.

Combining expertise from pharmaceutical manufacturing, space technologies, glassworks, automotive industries and even the defence space, the ZENEO is the product of lateral, interdisciplinary research and thousands of tests, clinical studies, investments, and patents. Consisting of a siliconized, depyrogenated pharmaceutical glass tube with capacity for up to 1,200 bars of pressure, a polycarbonate nozzle with submillimeter conduits and a nitrocellulose propellant-based gas-generated actuator, Crossject’s development combines the best in medical delivery for a safe, effective, and pain-free drug-delivery experience.

Diabetes Drug Delivery Technology.

In the diabetes technology space, we’ve seen many of the main players developing new and innovative products for more comfortable disease management. From insulin pumps to continuous glucose monitors, new possibilities are quickly becoming realities.

Insulet has recently gained FDA clearance for the Omnipod 5 wearable insulin delivery service, a unique, automated drug delivery platform that allows pain-free insulin uptake with minimal patient effort. With programmable technology paired with reinforced adhesive backing and a waterproof design, individualised use and comfortable, prolonged wear are more manageable. Insulin is delivered by soft delivery cannula for a virtually painless experience for wearers, with automated dosing within therapeutic windows for improved adherence and diabetes management.

CeQur’s Simplicity insulin delivery relies upon a wearable patch - both comfortable and discreet to wear and offers patient assurance in improved glucose control and discreet dosing. Two units of rapid-acting insulin are delivered via soft cannula in one click, eliminating the need for multiple daily injections and high maintenance condition management.

Options for diabetes management are becoming more innovative and less complex for diabetics, allowing more consistent health management with a better quality of life. Insulet and CeQur are leading the way for a more flexible future.  

Wearable Injection Devices.

Looking further into the wearable injection device space, we see a range of products coming to the market that offer flexibility across all areas of health management. West Pharma’s SmartDose On-Body Delivery System Platform is FDA approved, offering another option for those seeking a wearable injector for subcutaneous self-administrated delivery. With a pre-fillable cartridge with capacity for up to 3.7mL or 10mL of your required drug, delivery is customisable and comfortable, putting patients in control of disease management with ease.

Geressheimer’s offer in the wearable injection devices space covers both large- and small-molecule on-body drug delivery devices, providing a range of customisable options, whilst recognising the individual needs of differing drug requirements. With pre-filled cartridges, automatic needle insertion and retraction and occlusion detection available across all models, patient comfort and optimum adherence in drug delivery management lead.

Innovation Leading The Way.

Following the trajectory of leading companies, there is just cause for excitement for future advancements in the drug delivery space. For healthcare professionals and patients, there is an increasing wealth of flexible options for drug delivery and condition management, making the future of healthcare a more positive and inclusive space.

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Innovative Drug Delivery Systems Taking the Market By Storm.
09 September 2022
Ameer Khan By Ameer Khan

Innovative Drug Delivery Systems Taking the Market By Storm.

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