Expectation vs. Reality: Medicinal Cannabis Legalisation in the UK with Dr. Callie Seaman.

CM Industrial By CM LifeScience

In this episode of CM Conversations I speak with Dr. Callie Seaman, a formulation chemist with over 20 years experience in the hydroponics industry. Through her own struggle with epilepsy, she has become a leading advocate and educator for medicinal and prescription cannabis in the UK.

Alongside her important work campaigning in this field, she is a Director at Aqualabs and MedCan Support. As a specialist recruiter in the medical cannabis market, I discuss with her the challenges, likelihood, and potential benefits of legalisation in the UK and what this really means for the industry.

Whether you’re in the cannabis industry or not, this episode has some invaluable insight for anyone interested in new and emerging markets in the Life Science sector.

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