Dx Digest: What are the Key Market Barriers within Liquid Biopsy? Pt.2 with Dennis Merkle.

Adam Hargreaves By Adam Hargreaves

In part two of this three-part discussion, Dennis and I discuss the key barriers for entry for companies expanding into new territories and how to overcome these, whether you're a start-up or established company entering a new market.

Dennis brings insight from his broad and brilliant background in molecular oncology and precision medicine, with experience in all elements from research to pharma and commercial. Discussing the challenges and opportunities he's faced as the CEO of Predicine in Europe.

This conversation comes in three parts. In part one, we discussed the importance of liquid biopsy for the future oncology market. Part three discusses new liquid biopsy technologies and what's new at Predicine. Be sure to subscribe to be notified when all parts are available.

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