How are we Addressing the Lack of Diversity in Clinical Trials?

Elisabeth Edmonds By Elisabeth Edmonds

While CROs and healthcare have continued to raise awareness about the lack of diversity within clinical trials, actually addressing the issue remains a huge challenge.

So, what are companies doing to improve the situation? And what practical steps will be taken to ensure more diverse clinical trials in the future?

To find out, I spoke to a panel including three clinical trial experts in a live webinar:

- Matt Walz, CEO of Trialbee

- John Reites, CEO of THREAD

- Stuart Goldblatt, former Chief of Organisational Effectiveness at Covance and a current operational effectiveness & strategy leader.

Together, we spoke about decentralised trials, telehealth, engaging rural populations and more. To receive a downloadable PDF of all the event's major takeaways, click here.

This is only the beginning of addressing diversity in clinical trials and I'm aware of how important diverse voices are.  So, CM Life Science will continue to provide podcasts, articles and webinars on this. If you’d like to get involved or know anyone who would – please get in touch. My email is

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