Book Your Place: What's Next for Lateral Flow?

Nathan Sharpe By Nathan Sharpe

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Wherever you are in the world, you’ve probably seen and used a lateral flow test. These tests have been crucial in the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quick and easy to use, they’ve empowered the general public to conduct diagnostic testing at-home and are helping us safely return to the things and people that we love.

But what’s next for lateral flow? That’s what we'll be asking 3 commercial leaders in a live webinar on Wednesday 26th May at 3pm (BST):

Leigh Thomas - Senior VP, Director of Global Sales at Abingdon Health

Angus Urquhart - Sales Director at Katalyst Laboratories

Robert Miller - President of Drummond Scientific

In the 30-minute session, our experts will share their insight on the future market opportunity for lateral flow, the ways that they're challenging its inaccurate reputation and what role they think the technology will play alongside other point-of-care diagnostics like PCR in the future.

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