Our AGBT 2020 Reaction

By George Coe By George Coe

We’ve been waiting for the $100 genome for a long time and now it’s here.

At AGBT 2020, MGI announced that they’d achieved this milestone alongside the launch of their DNBseq system.

Although questions remain about how accurate this may be, it certainly served as a blockbuster moment at the conference.

There’s were lots more of exciting announcement at AGBT. Readcoor unveiled their brand new multi-omic sequencing platform, which combines NGS with high-resolution imaging. This will unlock new exciting areas of research in immuno-oncology and neuroscience.

Their launch followed a $30m round of funding from January, making 2020 already a fantastic year for the Cambridge-based biotech.

That’s not all. Miroculus launched the Miro Canvas system – which is their first commercial platform for automated NGS library prep. They claim their system will simplify and speed-up what has typically been a long and complicated process. It’ll also eliminate room for error.

Twinstrand Bioscience’s launch of their duplex sequencing technology also caught people’s eye.  This biochemistry and software-based solution will improve accuracy in sequencing by more than 10,000-fold.

It wouldn’t be AGBT without 10X Genomics making some noise. This year was no different with their announcement of the first shipments of their Chromium Connect platform. Not to forget new applications for their Chromium & Visium spatial platforms across epigenetics & gene expression, advanced multiplexing and more.

As always, AGBT was full of innovation and left us with plenty to discuss. It will be fascinating to see how the industry and market react to these landmark launches.

Thank you to Adam for his support with this collaboration.


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