The UK's Thriving Northern Biotech Scene.

Eleanor Doolin By Eleanor Doolin

There’s so much more to the UK biotech scene than just London and Cambridge. In the North, we're surrounded by many fascinating companies who’re innovating and conducting crucial research.

Let’s start with one of the biggest names in the industry, Qiagen. With plans to move their existing Manchester site to state of the art labs in 2020, they’re going all-in on the North of England. Qiagen provide some of the most popular complete solutions for research workflows in Next Generation Sequencing, Gene Expression, Bioinformatics and Diagnostic tests. On top of this, their partnership with Illumina, among others, is getting people talking.

Abingdon Health, headquartered in York, are experiencing increased demand for their infectious disease lateral flow tests, enjoying a massive 90% revenue increase since 2019. Having just secured big contract wins and with the development of their AppDx software, the future looks bright for them.

Moving north of the border, Edinburgh-based Fios, are also growing as part of the bioinformatics boom. They burst into 2020 announcing a partnership with Charles River. They now provide bioinformatics, statistics and computational biology services for the multi-billion-biotech-pound.

IDS – who’ve been headquartered in Newcastle since 1977 – are teaming up too. They’ve now partnered with fellow northerners Omega Diagnostics to expand on their 67-strong allergy panel.

The list really does go on. Elucigene are in Manchester innovating in molecular diagnostics, neighboured by TF in Warrington. Then there’s Almac in Belfast, Leica and QuatuMDx too. It’s definitely not grim up north when it comes to innovative biotechs. Here in Leeds, at CM Life Science we’re thrilled to be based right at the heart of the action.


A collaboration by Adam Butler, Principal Consultant, & Eleanor Doolin, Business Manager.


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