CM Life Science x Katalyst Laboratories.

At CM Life Science, we're delighted to be working with one of the most exciting companies in molecular diagnostic testing, Katalyst Laboratories

It's no coincidence that they're growing, fast. And we've created this page to show you exactly what they have to offer and why we think they're such an exciting proposition for a candidate like you. 


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  • Professional advancement potential
  • Rapidly growing
  • Exciting future projects
Reasons to join

Katalyst Laboratories.

Katalyst Laboratories have a fascinating backstory in health and wellbeing, customer experience and technology. The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed Katalyst to deploy all its core skill sets to combat the virus and build out a market-leading testing company.

At the start of the pandemic, Katalyst Laboratories were the first company in the UK to support a theatre production with a fee-paying audience. The key to success was understanding the testing workflow and then simplifying a digital end-to-end customer journey with a health app. Through the media exposure of working with Sleepless in Seattle then Katalyst became market leaders in theatre, film and TV and aviation, corporate and private healthcare.

The company has a very strong order book and is looking to move into the consumer testing space and so needs to build out a strong team of dedicated staff.

However, they need your expertise to succeed.

Scroll down to discover more about Katalyst Laboratories and let them tell you why they are an excellent company to work for.


A fast-paced environment.

Katalyst Laboratories’ mission is to work with the best-in-class testing platforms to help keep everyone safe, well and healthy. As they are experiencing rapid growth they need your help to achieve their mission.

In the near future, Katalyst Laboratories are looking to welcome over 100 new members to their team.

If you enjoy working in a fast-paced environment where no two days are the same, Katalyst Laboratories is the right company for you. You will have the opportunity to travel across the country, work in new locations, meet people from a variety of industries and have the chance to advance your career.

What Katalyst Laboratories' people think.

I've worked in many places before but this is the most unique workplace. I've seen the company grow from 10 staff members to 40 staff members and possibly tripling in the next couple of months. But, it was the vision and the opportunities that came with the role that really attracted me to this position. Castro Emanuel Financial Controller
This is a very dynamic space, no two days are the same. We have a young team and a very modern outlook on how we manage the company. Everyone's voice is heard and we are constantly taking on new ideas from our junior members of the team as well as from our more senior members of staff. Rupert Graves Co-Founder
When I first joined the company and even now almost no day is exactly the same. I change locations a lot because we work with so many clients. I meet so many people and work in such a dynamic range of environments. Connie Whiting Senior Lab Technician
This is a big period of growth for us, we are expanding really quickly. We have really exciting projects coming through. We also have a good dynamic culture, we like to promote internally so if you join now, you will have the opportunity to grow with the company. Simeon Superville Product Manager
  • 2 accreditations
  • Rapid point-of-care tests
  • Innovative testing solutions

The Future is Bright.

With 2 accreditations (medical laboratory & POC testing organisation), Katalyst Laboratories are also working on some exciting future projects, meaning their suite of tests and products will be far larger post-COVID. 

Katalyst are looking to offer comprehensive testing packages to corporates such as thyroid function, vitamin levels, allergies as well as intolerances. The growth potential is huge. 


Searching Together

Life at Katalyst Laboratories.

We believe that people work for people, not businesses. So we spoke to some of Katalyst Laboratories' employees to find out what makes the company so special.


Sophie Waite.

If you have any more questions about working for Katalyst Laboratories you can contact Sophie Waite, our Business Consultant at

Sophie is working exclusively on a number of roles for Katalyst Laboratories and would love to help you find the perfect role with them. 

For more information about Sophie, you can visit her profile on here

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Testimonials .

Working with Lisa, CM's Senior Client Development Manager and her team has been very good. Lisa is diligent and enthusiastic and quick to offer helpful suggestions. And most important of all, the quality of candidates put forward has been high. David Cox General Manager
Working with the recruitment team at Charlton Morris has made the recruitment process remarkably easier. What catapults them among the masses is the fact that they are reliable, professional but also the type that you can have a good chat with! Roxanne Wagenstroom HR Manager
Lisa and her team took a real interest in me. Understanding more about the candidate and the fit to the company is often missed by recruiters, Charlton Morris demonstrated their commitment to this from the off. Andrew Toumazi Project Manager