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16 September 2020
By Lucy Smith By Lucy Smith

Getting Women into Biotech and Keeping Them There.

Only 30% of executive positions and 18% of board seats are held by women in biotech. I spoke to industry expert, Melissa Gammell, to find out where...

18 August 2020
By Ameer Khan By Ameer Khan

How are M&As Impacting Animal Health?

Animal health is becoming a tough environment for start-ups to compete with major corporations dominating the market share, but all is not lost for...

12 August 2020
By Adam Butler By Adam Butler

The Tiny Syringes Revolutionising Single Cell Research

Cytosurge's tiny syringes are a game changer for the single cell genomic and gene editing applications; since patenting the technology in 2009 the ...

10 June 2020
By George Coe By George Coe

Scandinavia is The Latest Genomics Hub

When we talk about genomics hubs, then usually we’d be talking about Oxbridge, Boston or Silicon Valley thanks to success stories like 10x Genomics...

02 June 2020
By Adam Hargreaves By Adam Hargreaves

Rapid Diagnostics and Antibiotic Resistance

In the US alone, a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in March this year highlighted how 2.8 million antibiotic-resista...

12 May 2020
By Matthew Barrows By Matthew Barrows

COVID-19, Diversity & Clinical Trials

Coronavirus has provided us with a very large and extremely recent data set for research, patient populations and how different ethnic minorities a...


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