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02 April 2020 By Nathan Rigby

Connecting Lateral Flow to the 21st Century.

To find out more about Bond Health, I spoke to Phil Groom, Commercial Director, and Viktoriya Agova, Marketing Manager from Bond Health to hear how...

26 March 2020 By Nathan Rigby

Molecular Diagnostics' Finest Hour.

COVID-19 is one of the biggest challenges healthcare has ever faced. Crucial work is being done throughout molecular diagnostics to limit the sprea...

19 March 2020 By Eleanor Doolin

Closing in on the Complete Panel.

Creating a test that's able to identify all autoimmune diseases in one go would be the golden-ticket diagnostic solution – speeding up diagnosis ac...

10 February 2020 By Paul Atkinson

5 IVD Companies to Watch Out for in the US.

The US remains the largest single-country market in the world for IVD. Here are five companies you need to watch out for.

24 January 2020 By Jack Shute

Why Cannabis Is a Risk Worth Taking for Big Pharma.

Billions of dollars have been pumped into medicinal cannabis. It’s popular with patients. The public’s perceptions are changing (for the better) an...

17 January 2020 By Matthew Barrows

Are Decentralised Trials Healthcare's Gateway to the Future?

Decentralised, virtual, home, remote… whatever the name of this type of trial, it's widely agreed they will be crucial to advancing healthcare.

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