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08 October 2019 By George Coe

To PhD or Not to PhD?

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen ‘PhD preferred’, while recruiting for positions in R&D and product development. In the modern life science t...

08 October 2019 By Adam Bakali

5 Diagnostic Companies Saving Lives Through Innovation

Globally, sepsis takes six million lives each year. It causes more deaths than breast cancer, lung cancer and stroke combined. Here are five diagno...

27 September 2019 By Ben Paice

Why is Companion Diagnostics Making Worldwide Personalised Healthcare a Reality?

There are countless benefits to companion diagnostics including better evidence of clinical utility & greater patient access, more efficient use of...

13 August 2019 By Eleanor Doolin

AACC: Who's Disrupting Diagnostics?

Product launches and many fascinating, innovative approaches to diagnostics meant that the 71st meeting of the American Association for Clinical Ch...

25 July 2019 CM Life Science

5 Companies to Watch in Bioinformatics.

In the last decade the amount of medical data we have access to has exploded. So much so that just interpreting, processing and gaining insights fr...

22 July 2019 By Jack Shute

Do Western Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Need to Up Their Game?

It’s no secret that pharmaceutical manufacturing has been on the rise in the East, with both China and India emerging as major manufacturing hubs.

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