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10 June 2020
By George Coe By George Coe

Scandinavia is The Latest Genomics Hub

When we talk about genomics hubs, then usually we’d be talking about Oxbridge, Boston or Silicon Valley thanks to success stories like 10x Genomics...

02 June 2020
By Adam Hargreaves By Adam Hargreaves

Rapid Diagnostics and Antibiotic Resistance

In the US alone, a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in March this year highlighted how 2.8 million antibiotic-resista...

12 May 2020
By Matthew Barrows By Matthew Barrows

COVID-19, Diversity & Clinical Trials

Coronavirus has provided us with a very large and extremely recent data set for research, patient populations and how different ethnic minorities a...

22 April 2020
By Ben Paice By Ben Paice

Combating COVID-19 With Antibody Testing

The approach to fighting coronavirus has not differed to the fight against any other outbreak in terms of what is required to control it.

15 April 2020
By Jack Shute By Jack Shute

Has Coronavirus Changed Conferences Forever?

One of the biggest partnering events in the life science calendar Bio-Europe Spring, was scheduled to take place in Paris from March 23 – 27 this y...

08 April 2020
By Paul Atkinson By Paul Atkinson

A Global Effort to Eliminate Cervical Cancer

To achieve the WHO's ambitious aim that no woman should die of cervical cancer by 2030 it will take a huge, global effort from companies around the...


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